Black 'Gate Slammer' Slalom Frame Lives!

Warren at Wilson Bicycle Sales is the proud new owner of this unique slalom frame and it is sick! Bolt-thru rear axle, Fox 36 fork, dual-discs, MRP - this bike has it all! If you live in the East Bay, you might see Warren urban-assaulting the UC Berkeley campus launching stair drops and pulling huge airs...


North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS)

"It's likely that when you buy your second or third bike, you can get a custom-tailored frame for about the same amount of cash as a machine-produced frame." -VeloNews Feb 23, 2005

Ahrens Bicycles will have a booth at the second annual handmade bicycle show being held in San Jose next year. Come and show your support while experiencing a unique alternative to Interbike!

When: March 3-5, 2006...mark your calendars now!
Why: To see the highest level of small volume/custom-built frames under one roof