Precision Frame Building Components (Stay tuned for pictures)

Ahrens Bicycles continually develops unique frame components to simplify the frame building process. Our modular designs integrate tooling holes and vent holes for welding gases to esacpe. These features enable quick setup to save builders valuable time while keeping costs as los as possible for the customer.

Each part is designed using advanced 3D CAD modeling tools. The 3D model is then analyzed to create light and safe structures well-suited for mountain bikes. Once the design is finalized, the native CAD file is sent to a local machine shop to be precision CNC machined. Current offerings:

10mm Dropouts

  • Integrated disc brake mount (ISO-std)
  • Replaceable derailleur hanger
  • Modular features accommodate many frame sizes
12mm Dropouts

  • Replaceable Rear Derailleur Hangers
  • Replaceable disc brake mount (ISO-std)
  • Brass wear guides included for durability
Upper & Lower Yokes

  • Improve rear tire clearance
  • Work with round or square tubing
  • Great for 29ers!

Chain Guide Mounts

  • ISCG-compliant
  • Chain guide 'clocking' easily acheived using additional mounting holes


New Shirt Concepts

I've been working with Twin Six Clothing to develop a new t-shirt design. Twin Six is new to the cycling industry but not new to clothing design - they have been developing some very progressive apparel with broad market appeal. Below is the latest shirt design; the dragon theme relates to 'creating with fire' and I'd like to hear your feedback on this design via e-mail.

See LINKS section for a hyperlink to their webiste - their Alpe D' Huez jersey is sick.


Momentum Is Your Friend

Momentum (p) = mass (m) * velocity (v)
Maintaining momentum is an essential ingredient to mountain biking. It's the force that keeps you moving over constantly changing terrain. The advent of 29" specific components (wider rims and XC forks) has enabled frame builders to develop new 29er frame concepts - including the 'Plus 3' 29er hardtail from Ahrens Bicycles.
Designed around a Maverick SC32 100mm fork, geometry of this frame enables the rider to maintain speed and control. Click on the image for details on our prototype design - meant for taller riders 6'2" and above....the goal is to have this frame at the Handmade Bicycle Show in March if all goes well!


New Machined Parts (Gate Slammer Dual Slalom)

Here is a batch of machined parts for a Gate Slammer dual slalom frame in progress. All parts are CNC machined from 7005 aluminum....except for the head badge and hanger which are made from 6061. The rear triange components will be welded to rectangular stays for superior rigidity.