Radioactive WiseCracker

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Blue Pearl & Root Beer Finishes

Emma and Tsering

For the last few months I've been developing (2) steel race frames for Emma and Tsering at UC Berkeley. These guys are serious about racing and I wanted to make sure their frames could get the job done. Enter Dave at Vanderkitten.....I've built a variety of frames for Dave over the years and his input is always valuable in terms of material selection, geometry and overall aesthetic. Blending a variety of high-end steels, each frame has been hand-crafted with performance in mind. Click on drawings below to view each frame's geometry:


Gearing Up for NAHBS!

The Handmade Bicycle Show is coming next March....and Ahrens Bicycles is busy preparing for a successful show. We've been working closely with branding experts to refine our image and overall aesthetic - very exciting. Click on the image below to visit the NAHBS portal and feel the passion of so many builders in one place! Cheers, Mike


IMBA Corporate Sponsor

Ahrens Bicycles proudly supports IMBA as a corporate sponsor. What would we do without trails?


CCCX Race Photos

Local racers Scott and Craig competing at the CCCX DH series - sweet!


Carbonated Fork

Here are pics of the new White Brothers Rock Solid rigid carbon fork. This baby will be mounted to a new singlespeed design in progress. Stiffness is achieved with 34mm carbon stanchion tubes...don't forget it's only 1.7 lbs w/uncut steertube!


Vanderkitten Hardtails are Here!

I've been working closely with Vanderkitten to develop a new line of women's frames that provide ideal fit, responsive handling and unique aesthetics. Derived from the venerable Apex hardtail, these frames feature Easton 7005 Ultralite tubing in the front triangle, machined yokes/dropouts and rectangular stays in the rear triangle.

The frame shown is a women's size large and it tips the scales at 3.5 lbs even. Geometry is set for slightly forward riding position to minimize pressure on the wrists and lower back. Standover height has been maximized by sloping the top tube downward as much as possible without sacrificing strength at the seat tube cluster.

With a moderately light build kit, final bike weight is just under 23 lbs....race setups can shave another pound easily! Below are photos detailing the new Vanderkitten hardtail frame design - stay tuned for more updates and ride reports. And of course check out the Vanderkitten website!