Pro/Engineer Customer Voice

I've been working with PTC, parent company of Pro/Engineer software, discussing my experiences with this unique CAD tool. They wrote up a nice article that I wanted to share here....very cool. The original post can be found here.


WiseCracker Press!

The WiseCracker LITE (1-1/8" version) and new WiseCracker SOLO (1" version) made it into the Quick Release section of Mountain Bike Action (October 2009 issue). Just in time for Interbike next month, the timing is excellent for extra industry exposure. The best $12 you'll ever spend on bike stuff. Prost!


Biketoberfest 2009

That's right...Biketoberfest is right around the corner in Marin. October 10th will be a day for bikes and beer, two of my favorite things besides my family. Ask my twin daughters what time it is and they automatically say "beer o'clock daddy!"