Single Speed Aloha

Below is a custom 7005 single speed frame destined for Kauai. With Easton Ultralite tubing in the front triangle and Easton rectangular stays for the rear triangle, it will inspire confidence when hammering with only one gear! This frame order triggered the new 'sliding dropout' project and will incorporate many of my 7005 aluminum frame components.

Sliding Dropout First Article

Here is a photo of the first set of sliding dropouts. The main dropout body is machined from 7005 aluminum, the sliders are 6061 aluminum and the stepped washers (aka wear guides) are brass....all CNC machined in the Bay Area. In the center of the photo is the sliding disc tab still embedded in aluminum billet; it's not quite finished with machining yet but you can see the final part taking shape. These parts will be tumble-deburred and bead blasted for a smooth surface finish...stay tuned for higher quality photos of the complete assembly.

I'm also having (2) aluminum 'mask inserts' fabricated which will close the dropout slot completely during the powdercoat process -- don't want any paint on the inside sliding surfaces!