WiseCrackers at QBP!

Ahrens Bicycles is proud to announce that Quality Bicycle Products is now distributing the WiseCracker bottle opener! QBP sells to over 5,000 US bike shops and it's exciting to work with such a respected industry player. We've been working hard to package and ship hundreds of units as you can see below.....my dining room table has been overtaken by this great little product!

Here's what people are saying:

  • "Thank you for one of the greatest inventions in all of beerkind and to improve my bike riding skills." -Bill in New York
  • "It looks good, quality is top notch and the machining looks great!!" -Josh in Iowa
  • "I will spread the lore of the WiseCracker to all, and do everything I can to convince my friends that anyone without a WiseCracker should be the one to buy the post-ride beers next time." -Jim in New Mexico
  • "All hail the WiseCracker." -Min in New York