Happy Kirk Day

Just finished assembling this polished prototype 650B frame while listening to Kirk Hammett 's guitar in true Metallica form. Another Kirk - Kirk Pacenti - was kind enough to send over a pair of his Neo Moto tires to try out. These meaty tires are 2.3s and have serious side knobs for added stability. The fork is a custom White Bros made specifically for the 650B wheel size and there's plenty of clearance under the arch. Build kit is mostly new Shimano XT and the Hope brakes and Easton carbon components were scavenged from my steel hardtail. Wheels are Velocity Blunt rims, Hope Pro II hubs laced 3X with Wheelsmith double-butted spokes. It's a durable and relatively light wheelset that should hold up nicely. As shown it weighs in at 24.5lbs.

I opted for full-housing from the top tube's rear cable stop to the rear derailleur; this should help keep shifting smooth in wet/muddy conditions found on local trails this time of year.

Even with 2.3s there is enough clearance provided by the machined yoke.

The new XT front derailleur has nice clearance from the rear tire also...no more Dremel reworks to the forged derailleur body like we've done for 29ers in the past.