WiseCracker LITES are Coming!

After recent WiseCracker press in Mountain Flyer magazine and Cycling News, orders have been streaming in for the WiseCracker LITE. Weighing in at less than 16 grams, it's "worth it's weight in gold" according to one rider.

As a result of this peaked interest, we're in the process of machining a huge batch of parts.....the box below is packed full with over 1300 parts! The profile of each bottle opener is cut using a water jet at Aqua Jet in Livermore, CA. This method aims at minimizing waste during the machining process by 'nesting' as many parts as possible into one sheet of material. After water jet cutting, the parts are then tumble-deburred, hard anodized, laser marked and packaged for shipment.
If you've been thinking about ordering custom parts for your club, team or business, please contact 'mike@ahrensbicycles.com' for more info. Below is a sample produced for Charlie the BikeMonger, a single-speed shop in the UK.