650B & BB30

Working with emerging standards is always challenging and we've decided to build up a new 650B demo bike around the BB30 platform. Sourcing 7005 aluminum can be tricky and time consuming which is the main reason we didn't prototype this concept earlier. Luckily we recently found materials suitable for this approach and we're off and running to build something new.

BB30 is marketed as stiffer, lighter and more durable - who could ask for anything more? Klein used a similar approach with press-fit bottom bracket bearings (and square taper spindles) decades ago and Cannondale developed the BB30 approach many years ago. More recently FSA started offering a variety of cranks in this format and we're excited to try it out.

Here are some photos of our prototype frame built over the last few days. This 650B hardtail is made from 7005 Easton Ultralite aluminum and Ahrens signature rear triangle components for a more compliant ride quality. Special thanks to the folks at FSA for helping out with this project!

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Here are pics of the BB30 shell mounted to an Anvil fixture (end cap tightening bolt removed for clarity from these photos). A special insert was machined from a standard BB shell to adapt the Anvil fixture to BB30 compatibility. This insert minimizes distortion due to welding and makes the frame easier to machine post-heat treating.