WiseCracker SOLO for Fixies

We're running a test batch of WiseCracker LITE bottle opener/headset spacers for 1" forks. These will be called WiseCracker SOLO and should be available on the website shortly. Aimed at the popular single-speed/fixed-gear market, I've already received a few dozen pre-orders which bodes well for future production. Here are the key features:

  • Machined in the USA from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • 1" [25.4mm] headset spacer
  • 0.197" [5.0mm] stack height
  • Weight 18 grams
  • MSRP $14
Here are some pics from the manufacturing process. The part's inside and outside profiles are CNC-machined out of a 1/4" thick sheet of material on one machine. Both surfaces of the sheet are machined to meet the final part thickness requirement of 0.197" [5.0mm].

Individual parts are then loaded into a second machine to add the chamfer feature onto the lip of the bottle opener. This step is critical to guarantee the bottle opener works every time you want to open a beer!

Parts are then sanded and deburred to remove any sharp edges left over from the machining process. Damn I love metal working!