Whole Shot Eurostyle

This custom Whole Shot cross frame was recently built for my friend Ryan, the man behind the Stanford Frameworks class I've written about before on this blog. Ryan wanted a custom, eurostyle 55cm race frame and the results are sweet! What makes this frame eurostyle? Slightly higher bottom bracket and top-mounted cable routing. This means no cables run under the down tube....as a result there is no chance of anything getting caught up during the race.

Seat tube measures 55cm from center-to-top and the effective top tube length is also 55cm. The bottom bracket drop has been reduced to 69mm which is 3mm less than my normal 'west coast' style, low bottom bracket geometry. The frame features a bi-ovalized Easton Ultralite Race downtube without any water bottle cages whatsoever. With this unique ovalization, extra material is present at the head tube and bottom bracket shell for superior rigidity. The rest of the Easton Ultralite tubes have round profiles like the stock Whole Shot.

This tubing selection should work well with the top-mounted cable routing and inline barrel adjusters for the front derailleur and rear brake. The front derailleur also receives a pulley on the back side of the seat tube for true european flair. The cross-specific lower yoke has also been tweaked for additional mud clearance. Chainstays are standard, 19mm straight wall tubes that are hand-formed for proper heel clearance when pedaling. Stay tuned for more pics of this desert camo beast soon. Special thanks to Dave at Vanderkitten and VC Graphix for the custom stickers.