SSWC Race Report

The mint green 29er was recently raced at the Single Speed World Championships in Durango. Here is a great race report from Anthony:

Hi Mike,

The SSWC race in Durango was awesome! The course was very challenging. The hike a bike sections were long and steep with near vertical sections on the elevation profile below at mile 7. The section on top of Raiders Ridge was a unending rocky technical roller coaster with big exposure on the right. Throw in some nasty descents and a enthusiastic crazy crowd and you get the picture. Oh, and they were handing out gumdrops, twinkies, bacon and whiskey at the top of the last hike a bike at mile 16 and a beer at the finish. These people know how to put on a show. I don't know exactly where I finished because they did not post full results. I think I was somewhere in the top 10 to 15 percent.

The bike was flawless! The geometry change was spot on. It holds a line better than the chocolate one without loosing any high speed stability. The rear end is plenty stiff for aggressive singlespeeding. Combined with the 20mm through axle fork and the whole platform is incredibly stable at speed and in the rough. It felt like there was no feeling lost between ground and rider due to flex. I managed to hit 33mph at some point and was very confident at speed. The King parts worked as expected, faultless. All in all I am very satisfied and wouldn't change a thing. Lots of positive comments on the paint.

I wish I got a chance to take more pictures during the race but except for the backed up part of the hike a bike I was "all in". Average heart rate of 167 for me was an all time high. Thanks for getting it done on time for the race. Im sure I will enjoy it for years to come. Sincerely, Anthony
Rectangular chainstays/seatstays keep the rear end stiff and on track.

Sliding dropouts keep the rear disc brake aligned to the rotor and tension the chain at the same time. The dropout hoods can accommodate a variety of frame sizes and geometries.

Tire clearance at the upper yoke is ample even when running large air volume tires.

Same goes for the lower yoke.

The bike's stance is oriented towards aggressive XC riding with a slightly slackened head angle and adjustable wheelbase.