Torx Upgrade Kit for Sliding Dropouts

Ahrens Bicycles is now offering a Torx upgrade kit for our sliding dropouts. The upgrade kit replaces the (4) M8x20 Pan Head/Socket mounting screws with (4) M8x20 Pan Head/Torx mounting screws. Why? Because Torx screws have much larger surface area at the head for improved load spreading.

Local racer and 324 LABS business partner 'Timmy C' requested this upgrade since he races a Rock Lobster 'cross frame with sliding dropouts (and disc brakes with 324 Labs adapters!). After numerous rear wheel swaps, the standard M8 pan head bolt heads started to strip - obviously
not good.

Special thanks to Pro Stainless for helping me source these babies! You can use a T40 Torx bit when torquing them down.

The upgrade kit contains (4) M8x20 Torx screws and will run you $10 including domestic shipping. Send an email or Pay Pal payment to 'mike at ahrensbicyles dot com' to order a set.