Aluminate Prototype Dropouts and Yoke

Today I was stoked to pickup the Aluminate prototype parts. All of these parts were used to validate CNC tool paths and won't be used on an actual bike frame. The fit checks between mating parts went very well and I hope to have a small batch ready early next week. Next step is gathering the 7005 aluminum frame tubes and getting some frames built.

The aluminum-bronze insert slides tightly into the 7005 aluminum dropout body for a snug fit. This design provides an all-encompassing wear surface for the rear track hub...if the insert gets chewed up it's easy to replace - this means a longer lasting frame. I've sourced M3 Torx head screws for attachment - these are difficult to find in the US and special thanks to my contacts at Pencom for the hookup...these little metric screws came straight from Singapore!

The lower yoke is dainty but will provide ample clearance for a 35mm rear tire. I slid the yoke over a 37mm high air volume tire and it was snug getting past the yoke entrance, but after that no problem. My feeling is that it will also work well for some criterium frames I plan to build later this year.

The AHRENS engraving also turned out nicely - great job to the machining masters at Alta Design for their fast turnaround and high-quality work. I will never get bored of designing parts in 3D and watching billet get transformed into highly functional products. F*cking awesome.